Walking a Metaphor

September 2015

By the artists Cyril Bron and David Fuehrer

From the 22nd to the 28th of September 2015, Cyril Bron and David Fuehrer performed an urban walk along the ring of Brussels; considering the highway as a metaphor of our modern times, a place on the map that doesn’t correspond to any landscapes or experiences. Along the highway, a space without sidewalk, they invent a path between crash barriers, forests, bridges and tunnels, embankments….This walk is way to live the territory and to open new crossroads and unexpected landscapes.

The 75km of the Brussels ring are travelled in 7 days. The performers stayed, as much as they can, closed to the high way, camping every night. Friends and other artists have been invited to join the trip on some part of the road.

The walkers were outfitted with an iPhone and the application Glowbl to ensure the live stream. The film of the walk has been broadcasted in art 4 art galleries in Lyon (Archipel Centre de Culture Urbaine), Genève (Le Labo), Brussels (Recyclart) and Berlin (Urban Spree).

In 2018, they plan to run the performance around the ring of Berlin and Geneva.