Ecran Total

March 2015

The Artists : Systaime, Ghazi Frini, S-ara, Joelin, Emilio Gomariz, Robert Seidel, Adem Feriss, V4W.ENKO, Frère Reinert, Eva Papamargariti, Brenna Murphy, Rare Nnudes, Mark Fingerhut, A Bill Miller, Nick Kegeyan, Dataswitch, Logan Owlbeemoth, Rollin Leonard, Igor Ivanov, Adam Braffman, Miss Nina, Marco Cadioli, Jorge H Loureiro, Joris Guibert, Zil + Zoy.

Press : link

Ecran Total is a panel of events to showcase and practice the diversity of digital cultures. Ecran Total is a festival integrated in the daily life of Guillotiere, a multicultural district of Lyon.

In March 2014 Ecran Total run :

  • A main exhibition,  reusing screens from many places at Guillotiere (in food shops, bars, phone shops, restaurants …) to show a selection of 24 net art video. The artwork  selection is now visible on the online museum
  • A remote performance by the artist , displayed on line on and on site at Gonzo Bar.
  • 2 workshops, to practice and produce digital contents, by Joris Guibert et Ghazi Frini
  • A conference “Screen, Attraction, Addiction” by Joris Guibert.

Ecran Total proposed an original way to exhibit digital cultures in the real life,  reclaiming the screens around us. This project has been co-constructed with many different partners from the city of Lyon. Ecran Total is a collective moment to share and discuss the flow of images on screens surronding us.

Ecran Total received the Prodij prize from Lyon City , as best young project in the digital art category.