Walking the Periphery

Mai 2019

By the artists Cyril Bron and David Fuehrer

The artists David Fuehrer* and Cyril Bron** invite you to walk on the periphery, along the « ring » or the highway, off the visible paths defined by daily use, to walk and meet a territory on the outskirts of the city of Villeurbanne along this border , a both mobile and static frontier. « Together we will walk on the edge of the ring road, we will experience different proximities: overhanging, below, above, below and beyond. The ring will sometimes be visible, invasive and sometimes invisible, just audible. These variations talk about our representations of the peripheries of the cities , from a sensitive point of view.

The end of the walk finish at the IAC (Institut d’art contemporain) where everybody share the images and sounds produced and share the experience around a small snack.  »

* David Fuehrer is interested in issues of marginality and phenomenology of the body and the actions,  through different practices (video, writing). As a social professional, he considers artistic practices as a means of putting thought into motion and restoring its sensitive dimension.

** Cyril Bron is a film director and visual artist graduated from HEAD Geneva in 2005. He continued his art research with a group of artists around public space and participation. Since 2015, with David Fuehrer, he has been developing a metaphorical project of urban walking around peripherals. Their first walk took place in 2015 along the Brussels ring and was broadcast live simultaneously on four European sites: Recyclart (Brussels), Espace Labo (Geneva), Urban Spree (Berlin) and Archipel (Lyon ).